We’ve all seen what happens when unqualified candidates are elected: government shutdowns, corruption, and political infighting.

That’s why we need Ana Maria Quintana representing us. Quintana is the most qualified candidate running for Senate.

The “Q” is for “Qualified.”

No other candidate can match her legal, economic development, and leadership experience. No other candidate has her proven record of integrity and fiscal responsibility. And no other candidate has a more impressive educational background or stronger local roots.

Here are some of the ways that Quintana is most Qualified:

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: As a municipal attorney working in Long Beach for local governments and public agencies, Quintana has helped to promote small business development and job creation. She also served as Development Director for a company that specializes in building movie theaters in working class neighborhoods.

INTEGRITY: As a Bell City Councilmember since 2011, Quintana helped restore local government after a devastating corruption scandal. She has promoted transparency and accountability, and ensured the city serves its residents.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Quintana led the effort to bring Bell’s budget under control, eliminate debt, and lower taxes for working families.

BACKGROUND: Quintana earned a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University and Law degree from Columbia University.

LOCAL ROOTS: Quintana grew up in Cudahy and graduated from Bell High School.

The Southeast cities and Long Beach need a Senator who understands their dreams and aspirations and who has a proven record of making government work for every community. That’s Ana Maria Quintana.