Rebuilding Bell One Block at a Time

To my Beloved Bell,

It has been my goal as your councilwoman to better the City of Bell. I have reviewed every single contract for cost savings, approved only balanced budgets and fair salaries/benefits for all employees. I can now affirm to you that there is no longer a risk of bankruptcy.

With your help and support, I will continue using my legal and financial skills and experience to rebuild Bell one block at a time. By working together, my focus for the next four years includes:

Further reducing our city debt by refinancing our bond obligations

Finish the development of the Atlantic & Gage intersection by bringing tenants that generate revenue for the city and help increase our community’s value

Improve the Slawson Southeast Occupational Center by increasing continued education and job training

Beautify our city by pruning trees and renovating our streets and infrastructure

Help youth and seniors by dedicating more resources for activities and services 

Protect public safety by ensuring that police and fire services meet Bell’s needs. 

Thank you for believing in me and for the sacrifices you have made to keep Bell afloat. As your councilwoman, I ask that our Bell community be proactive and voice your concerns at council meetings, city hall, or directly to me via this web site. By working together, we will make of Bell a modern and vibrant city. 


Councilwoman Ana Maria Quintana